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Looking forward to sharing my #Wearables thoughts on Nov 18

NSBEI’ll be speaking about the wearables future and the opportunities we all can be a part of. Proud to take part and truly looking forward to the evening.




Emerging TechTalks: Computing Innovation and the future of wearable technology

The NSBE Boston Professionals and Black Techboston are pleased to present the Emerging TechTalks sponsored by Twitter Boston. Join us as we hear from cross-industry entrepreneurs, experts, and innovators on the future of technology and opportunities tech lovers need to know!

This year’s TechTalks will features overview and discussion on Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Wearables.

This Emerging Technology Talk series will offer insight into the future of technology as seen through the eyes of our experts, industry entrepreneurs and innovators!

Date: November 18th
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Location: Twitter – 141 Portland St (Hampshire), Cambridge, MA 02139
Free to Attend – Click to RSVP (Attendees must register to attend)

Details: NSBE Boston Website

The plans for my 15 minutes: The Connected Future. Wearables will affect virtually all professions and how we access just in time information about our location in space and time. From physicians reading lab reports while looking the patient in the eyes, to first-hand coaching and warehouse picking we’ll explore development opportunities in this uncharted space.

#NSBEBoston @NSBEBoston

Google Glass in Harvard Medical Research

On July 22, I was honored to participate in a Hangout On Air with three Boston area physicians, two of whom are leading active projects at their Harvard Medical School research facilities.  Moderated by Dr. Jennifer Joe of, the discussion focused on how application development is proceeding, HIPAA issues and our desires for the future development of the Glass platform.

In this hour plus video you will hear honest experiences and opinions by Dr. Karandeep Singh, Nephrology Fellow at Brigham and Women’s Hospital / Massachusetts General Hospital, Software Developer, Informatician and Dr. Synho Do, Assistant Medical Director for Advanced Health Technology Engineering, Research, and Development, MGPO.  We were also joined by Dr. Ismail Nabeel of Ohio State.

The general consensus is that we are now in the very early stages of a promising future for better patient care enabled by wearable technology.  The wearable medical tech of the future may be Glass, something that resembles Glass or another competitor but there is little doubt that your doctor will one day have immediate access to your records without taking her eyes from you, the patient.

I’d like to personally thank John Bennett of for hosting this hangout.

More photos from Google Glass Challenge event

Jennifer Joe, M.D.

MedTech Boston Editor and founder, Jennifer Joe, MD

It was an awesome event!  Over 200 professionals gathered plus two or three photographers and videographers who’s work we’ve been waiting to view.  Well, wait no longer.  MedTech Boston has posted a Photo Montage on their site and it is well worth a look to see and remember the interesting people you met while discussing Google Glass in Healthcare.

Click here to be taken to the gallery on



Beth Israel Hospital to Use Google Glass in ER

Boston Globe 4-09-2014

Beth Israel

Dr. Steven Horng launched a Google Glass pilot program at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center late last year because he thought the futuristic device could help save lives. One night in January proved that.

A patient with bleeding in the brain told Horng he was allergic to certain blood pressure drugs — which the doctor needed to slow the hemorrhage — but didn’t know which ones. Horng had little time to leaf through the man’s medical files or search for records on a computer, but with Google Glass, he didn’t have to. Instead he quickly called up the patient’s information on the device’s tiny screen and saved his life with the correct medication.

This week, Beth Israel Deaconess is expanding the use of Google Glass to its entire emergency department, and the hospital said it is the first in the United States to employ the device for everyday medical care. Now, whenever ER doctors begin their shifts, they will slip on pairs of the high-tech glasses as routinely as they put on scrubs.

“We’re doing this to prove that the technology can work and really motivate others to explore this space with us,” said Horng, who helped pioneer the use of Google Glass at the hospital.

The team from BI is speaking at the upcoming Google Glass in Medicine meetup April 23 at Google Cambridge Ma.

Also from the Globe article

Later this month, 13 doctors from around the US will gather at Google’s Cambridge office to pitch clinical uses for Glass in a contest sponsored by the Presidential Innovation Fellows program, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the website MedTech Boston.

The common goal of many Glass projects is to keep health care workers’ hands free to perform their jobs.

“It’s literally the holy grail of hospital IT,” said John Rodley, cofounder of a Cambridge startup called Twiage, which is developing an application for Glass for ambulance attendants to quickly relay patient info to hospital emergency rooms. An EMT wearing Glass could just use voice commands to snap photos of a patient’s injuries, dictate notes, and send them to the nearest ER.

Full article at The Boston Globe

Glass New England Feb 2014 Meetup

Come join us as we explore applications, use case scenarios and industries where it looks like Glass will have an impact.  Fitness, first responders, health care to name a few.

And of course there will be plenty of opportunity to try out Glass for yourself and network with others who are excited to be on the bleeding edge of the wearable computing revolution.


Dr. Grossmann

Dr. Rafael Grossmann

Dr. Rafael Grossmann will be our featured speaker.  Dr. Grossmann performed the first surgery wearing Glass on June 20, 2013.  He is an outspoken advocate for Glass in healthcare, a TedX presenter and a true visionary among Glass Explorers.

Dr. Grossmann’s blog

Dr. Ned Sahin

Dr. Ned Sahin

Dr. Ned Sahin, Harvard Neuroscientist, Neurotechnologist, and Entrepreneur will be demoing something as yet unmentionable, but maybe something from his Brain Power startup.  Dr. Sahin is a world traveling Glass enthusiast and researcher with many stories we look forward to hearing.  Google Plus Bio

Wed. February 26, 2014 at 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM


25 Corporate Drive – 4th Floor, Burlington, MA