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Monolithic PhotoSphere from Juniata College

This PhotoSphere was taken on the campus of Juniata College, Huntington, PA. It was quickly taken and has some obvious stitching errors, such as the flag pole. But if you swing around to the left there is a Monolith. I have no idea where it came from and it was not there in real life. It even has a shadow!

Was my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 seeing into another dimension? Is the Monolith truly in Huntington right now? What can it mean?
I will gladly supply the original file for inspection to any reputable scientific organization.

Hiking with #GoogleGlass #ThroughGlass

The Google+ Explorer Community is full of inspiring use cases for Glass, but it seems that the hands free camera as a chronicler of life is number one. We Explorers take lots of pics. A seriously large amount of pics and quite a number of videos too. Not having to pull out one’s phone or grab a camera is truly a freeing experience for those who love to capture the moments of our lives.

“Ok Glass, take a picture.” A shake of the head to activate Glass and that line gets a picture.

These photos were taken on a short, Thanksgiving day hike in Ithaca, NY. I had hiking sticks in both, gloved hands yet managed to take almost 40 pics and videos. Google Plus took some sequences and made panoramas, other photos were enhanced automatically with Google Auto awesome. The “Vignette” mode works by viewing a card such as weather and taking a photo to complete the overlay.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Life. Glass is the tech which will not just allow, but will encourage everyone to chronicle theirs.

Holidays in the City #throughglass

My family just spent 3 days in New York and I thought I’d share a few of the photos I took with Google Glass. I especially like using the Holiday Vignettes pack to overlay on my photos for a special touch.

This is a vignette created with the Holiday Pack

A twinkle effect created by Google Plus Auto-Awesome

Temp vignette created on Glass
One of the vignette effects available on Glass