Autodesk Excellence in Infrastructure Competition … the 2nd annual competition showcasing Excellence in Infrastructure. The winners will be given over $10,000 in prizes by our generous competition sponsors. The competition is open to everyone planning, designing, building and managing infrastructure projects, 21 years and older, to highlight the best projects done in 2012/2013.We are looking for the best usage […]

Autodesk lives what they preach

I’ve been reading the corporate sustainability report for fiscal 2013 and this company continues to impress. Autodesk® customers are using Autodesk software to lead the charge towards a more sustainable future.  The report is actually good reading for those interested in the environment, our future and even those following the ADSK stock price.  Read the […]

Sarah Hill’s “Broadcaster’s View of Glass”

On her blog, Sarah Hill has written a fabulous piece relating her first 5 days with Glass.  Sarah is one of those people who wants to be followed and she is so open it makes one want to follow her.  Some Glass Explorers had the fun of being in a hangout with her as she […]

What I learned at iMoot 2013

Over the course of 6 days and 24 hours, non-stop, there was much to take in at this year’s iMoot.  As usual, the networking via chat and forums was the single greatest reward for attendance.  Here I’d just like to discuss my prime takeaways. Learning – I’ve felt this way for some time but it […]

iMoot 2013

Since Tuesday, I’ve been attending the International iMoot and I’m quite amazed at how much I’ve learned.  What is an iMoot you ask? Moodle (open source learning management system) conferences are call Moodle Moots.  An iMoot is a virtual, online conference that runs 24 hours a day with keynotes and presentations by users and experts […]

Google I/O from my recliner

There is something wonderful about spending two days watching I/O sessions live from home.  Yes, I wish I was there in person for the entire experience.  Conferences are the ultimate breeding ground of innovation, the hive mind is palpable at Autodesk University which I attend yearly.  One assumes that the level of brilliance at I/O must […]